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Residential Painting

Residential Painting in Florida

The right color can transform a space or a structure, and as time passes, your color palettes and tastes will likely change. Whether you are seeking to freshen up interior rooms with a more vibrant coat of paint, or want to update the exterior of your home, our top quality painting products and services can help.


We have been leaders in the interior and exterior residential painting industry in Florida since 1988, and we become excited about every painting project that comes our way.


Interior Painting Services

 At Proietto, we understand the trust you are putting in our company and our employees who will be entering your home while executing the project. To ease any concerns, we want you to know that each employee is subjected to a rigorous and strict hiring process that include drug tests, extensive background checks, and specialized safety training.


When you choose interior painting services from Proietto, you can also rest assured that the interior space and furnishings of your home will be well secured and covered by our craftsmen before the project has begun.


Curious about other services in addition to interior painting? Here are other interior projects that our skilled craftsmen can provide to you:


  • Faux Finishes – Add textures similar to stone, marble, plaster and other beautiful and creative designs to any wall with our faux finishing services.

  • Venetian Plaster – Looking for a unique textured appearance on your walls? Let Venetian Plaster, a technique where plaster is applied in multiple layers to a surface, enhance the look of your room.

  • Wood Graining – Want a particular area to exude the appearance of real wood without the cost? Consider faux wood graining on windows, doors and other surfaces.

Exterior Painting Services

 At Proietto, we specialize in exterior painting services in Florida and understand how Florida’s weather can take a toll on the exterior surface of your home. We have updated many homes that suffered from color fading due to the intense Florida sun, or depreciation of the actual paint because of severe weather events.


Speak to someone on the Proietto team about our top quality exterior painting products in Florida. Plus, learn how you can better prepare your home for an exterior paint job by utilizing our custom caulking services. Caulking a home’s windows, doors, and other water intrusive areas is the best way to keep your property watertight and protected from the Florida elements.


Proietto Exterior and Interior Painting in Florida & Warranty Assurance


No matter which service you opt for when working with Proietto, we want you to know that we stand behind the quality of our work and our company is fully insured. We also believe in the top quality products we use, which come with a variety of warranties. Painting services in Florida are covered by a manufacturer warranty which varies depending on the product you choose.


At Proietto, we believe the job isn’t finished until you are 100% satisfied. So, what are you waiting for? Come experience the Proietto difference today!

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