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Our Core Values


Since 1988, we have been committed to serving our community with excellent service and quality products. Our good reputation is based on our guiding principles and strength of character that reflects our integrity, dependability, expertise, and trust.


We value honesty as the standard of all good communication and strive to engage our clients with genuine sincerity, truthfulness, and thoughtfulness.


We are oriented toward retaining the highest standard of excellence in our work. Our success begins with a comprehensive initial assessment, which outlines the mission and brings it to a successful completion. Every step, from start to finish, is carried out with excellence.


Our commitment to excellent service is found in every area of our relationships with our clients. Our employees exhibit a helpful attitude with kindness, courtesy, accountability, and assistance regarding others.


We earnestly strive for success in all of our endeavors, and are resolve in our

commitment to reach that conclusion despite any obstacles that we may encounter along the way.


We stand behind our word in principle and in good faith, and always conduct ourselves with integrity. We never waver in fulfilling the promises made to our clients and we do so in a courteous manner.


We esteem all of our relationships with clients, employees, and community, and hold them in high regard. We value their input and consider their concerns with care and respect.


The Proietto and PRO-TECH Caulking and Waterproofing Companies work together in unison to provide our clients with the necessary services they require, all performed by our collective team of experts.


As an industry leader, our companies stay abreast of all advanced innovations, products, and applications within our field of expertise. We also employ our team of technicians who receive comprehensive training so that they are knowledgeable and capable of performing all aspects of their work.

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